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eshow Featured Product - Registration Management

Start your event off with a smooth registration for your attendees, backed by full functionality for your staff. The web-based eShow platform delivers exactly what you need with these customizable options:

  Advance Online Registration

  Onsite Registration Services

  “eReg” – specialized for small meetings

You can use eShow products and services for registration alone, or add on modules for other phases of your event. Either way, you reap the benefits of smart tools developed by an agile, experienced company.


Advance Online Registration

Team up with eShow specialists and our web-based platform to build a registration hub that does it all: data collection; event choices; dynamic forms; proper authentications; tiered pricing; easy, secure financial transactions; marketing/communication options; and a two-way flow of information.

You and your attendees enjoy a streamlined registration process that hums along with minimum staff time and benefits such as:

  • A single sign-on leads registrants to pre-populated forms tailored to your authorizations and branching questions
  • The password-protected attendee service center gives attendees a 24/7 portal to manage their own registration details (no staff time required!)
  • Integration with your AMS system skips over the quirks of data imports and funnels data such as new customers and demographics back to your AMS
  • Pace reports, financial reports, year-to-year comparisons and customizable surveys give you data for informed decisions and member engagement
  • Versatile badge and ticketing options help you manage check-in as well as access to receptions, banquets, workshops, etc.
  • Multiple badge options can be customized and bar-coded to validate check-ins and check-outs.
  • Individual attendee choices for sessions, networking meetings, special events, etc. can be plugged into a personal itinerary or conference planner
  • Registrants enjoy seamless, secure payment options with real-time credit card processing under your merchant account
  • Invitation emails to past attendees give you another tool to increase attendance
  • Automated allotments for exhibitor personnel put an end to time-consuming requests, emails and phone calls
  • A membership renewal option embedded in the form provides a single, easy path for members to stay current without leaving the registration process
  • Group registrations are no problem, easing the way for badge mailings, group discounts and payment with a single credit card
  • Data entered and collected in the registration module can move seamlessly to eShow modules for exhibitor networking, speaker management or a mobile app
  • eShow professionals support your staff throughout the show cycle

Onsite Registration Services

Onsite registration and check-in sets the tone for the whole event, so give your attendees a polished, efficient registration experience by adding onsite services to your contract with eShow. Onsite solutions can include:

  • The exact equipment you need is set up, connected and supported with no time required from your staff, plus eShow handles all packing and shipping.
  • Stations for express check-in, full service registration or self-registration
  • Satellite kiosks apart from the main registration areas – even off-site at strategic spots such as hotel lobbies - for attendee convenience
  • Training for volunteer or temporary staff
  • End-of-day tally reports in Excel that equip you for interactions with sponsors, exhibitors and members

And eShow's extensive menu of badge and ticketing options delivers features and technologies to manage registration and event traffic. Examples include:

  • An individual bar code emailed to each registrant; a quick scan at the venue prints the correct badge.
  • Roll badge, sheet badge or plastic badge options – you choose the ideal setup for your event
  • Bar codes, QR codes, embedded NFC chips or RFID tags enable lead retrieval, session tracking and attendee behavioral evaluations
  • Registration types shown on badges or badge holders
  • Virtual badge review that gives attendees the task of proofreading info before the event – no onsite revisions to slow down the registration line

eReg for Smaller Events

If you need a way to put a professional face and smart functionality in place for a smaller meeting, consider the eReg package. Use it to create a 5-page event website with a versatile registration form and consistent event brand. eReg provides:

  • A framework for a do-it-yourself event website with event specifics, housing/travel details and a registration form
  • Multi-tier pricing, sales item filters and multiple cut-off dates
  • No limits on educational sessions and special events within the main event
  • Full demographic collection
  • Straightforward pricing, no surprises
  • Sponsor logos and other graphics on each page
  • Pre-population of attendee info when individuals respond to an eBlast invitation
  • All data collected – demographics, session roster, payment types and financial summaries - in Excel file reports
  • Group registrations/group discounts
  • Unlimited registration types
  • Real-time payment collection by credit card using client's merchant account

Your registration needs are covered under the eShow umbrella! 
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