Hosting a Successful Virtual Event in 4 Phases
26 Jan

Hosting a Successful Virtual Event in 4 Phases

Creating a virtual event always starts with a fresh idea and it can be exhilarating just thinking about how it’s going to look like, how many professionals you’re going to network with, and how it’s going to make an impression on your attendees. But what happens right after deciding on that great idea? Execution!

There are 4 phases that you need to understand and go through to properly execute a full virtual event plan:



Planning involves all the thinking and brainstorming needed to completely lay out the foundation of your vision. This is where all the following considerations come in:

  • Understand Your Event

    Know what your event is going to be about and what it’s going to offer. What are the benefits that you can present that make your event stand out amongst others?
  • Define Objectives

    What do you want to achieve with your event? This is where you take note of your goals and mission objectives. Pinpoint why you are holding this event and see where the focuses should be.
  • Know Your Stakeholders

    Determine who's going to be involved in the event and consider their needs: exhibitors, attendees, sponsors, event MC, and show staff.
  • Consider Trends

    Keep up with the trends and know what to factor in to make your event more popular, relevant, and sensitive: Social, Tech, Political, are just some factors to consider.
  • Create a Budget

    After determining your event’s needs and size, efficiently allocate your budget to include possible expenses: streaming platform, digital equipment, labor fees, other event expenditures, or a virtual vendor.
  • Schedule the Time and Date

    Maximize participation by choosing the most appropriate time and date to schedule your event. Make sure to take note and avoid scheduling on busy days, holidays, and other major events that can take away the attention from yours.



The project has been greenlit and the event planning is set to go. Forecast the success of your event using the foundations of pre-production by laying out tasks amongst your team, and preparing yourselves for any possibility during the event. Pre-production can be broken into 3 different areas:

  • Pre-Event Marketing

    With the digital age, your potential reach has multiplied and it’s always smart to capitalize on this marketing opportunity. Maximize marketing efforts through virtual platforms using a variety of strategies:
    • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc)

    • Paid Advertising

    • Influencer Marketing

    • Teaser Campaigns

    • E-mail Marketing

    • Online Engagement

    • Blog Posts

  • Speaker Selection and Briefing

    Select professionals that are relevant to your industry as your speakers and guest experts. Maximize your ROI by inviting exhibitors that may find interest in the market your event will be tapping. By making sure that you’re entering the right market, you are also ensuring that your participants will be utilizing their own network to benefit your event.
  • Team Role Division

    Behind a successful virtual event is a well-oiled machine of a team. Be prepared with possible challenges and identify the roles according to your team’s strengths and combine them if needed.Here are the most common virtual roles to keep in mind:
    • Lead Event Manager

    • Event Management Marketing Team

    • Registration Manager

    • Sponsorship Manager

    • Exhibits Manager

    • Social Media Specialist

    • Virtual Event Producer/Manager

    • Host/Emcee

    • Speaker Handler/s



The moment you have been waiting for -- showtime! This is the exciting phase wherein all the hardcore planning and pre-production springs into action. All hands on deck and everyone’s exactly in their rightful designation. Things will be as smooth as it can be as long as you follow a few general reminders:

  • Double to triple check everything

    Make sure that everything is up and running before the start of the event. Check on all of your resources personally to avoid any unwelcome surprises.
  • Keep in touch and be approachable

    Stay in touch with your participants and make sure that you are within arms reach.
  • Always be on your toes

    Be attentive to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. Utilize every opportunity to make the most out of this event.
  • Be hospitable

    With virtual being a whole new playing field to some participants, prepare for questions with regards to navigation, processes, and steps. Remind the staff to be accommodating. Remember, you’re the hosts.
  • Document everything

    Broadcast on every platform, have on-demand sessions, and gather all of the participant’s activities from registration up to the end of the event.
  • Have fun

    Seeing the plan materialize is such a fulfillment for every organizer. Take part in it, build your brand, connect, and socialize with new people to grow your network.



It’s time to wrap up but work is not done yet. Much like onsite events, it’s time to collect and summarize the data you’ve collected, handle the post-event expenses, and make sure that all is well-secured. It’s also time to do some post-event marketing to continue with that flow; while the leads are still warm and the experience is still fresh.

  • Follow up with a survey

    Measure your event’s success rate by acquiring feedback. Shoot them a thank-you e-mail and attach a survey form.
  • Keep in Touch and Be Approachable

    Keep absentees in the loop. Send them an e-mail and you can redirect them to your landing page.
  • Provide a souvenir

    Make your event more memorable by leaving memorabilia, or giving participants something that they can use.
  • Send another invite

    If you have another event in the works, send all your registrants a direct invite link as a way to invite them to come back.
  • Continue broadcasting

    Stay active and create new content around the event and continue following up on your digital exposure and reach through:
    • Blogs

    • Post-event videos

    • Social media promotions

    • Posters

Hosting a virtual event is an extremely rewarding experience and it can open a lot of doors of opportunities for your stakeholders. Designing your event model with proper planning and with the right event management partner, planning and hosting will be a breeze. That’s what eShow offers -- a complete event management solution with 16 different modules that you can customize to fully fit your specific event model. With our “There’s no one size fits all option” mindset, there’s a plan that will perfectly suit your event. Don’t have the experience to plan alone yet? Our 24 years of event management experience has that covered for you. Send us an e-mail or register on our website for a free product demo! We’re looking forward to helping you make your event vision be a successful virtual reality.