eShow - Advance Online Registration

Advance Online Registration

To learn more about eShow's Advance Online Registration, please watch this short 3 minute video.


Team up with eShow specialists and our web-based platform to build a registration hub that does it all: data collection; event choices; dynamic forms; proper authentications; tiered pricing; easy, secure financial transactions; marketing/communication options; and a two-way flow of information.

You and your attendees enjoy a streamlined registration process that hums along with minimum staff time and benefits such as:

  • A single sign-on leads registrants to pre-populated forms tailored to your authorizations and branching questions
  • The password-protected attendee service center gives attendees a 24/7 portal to manage their own registration details (no staff time required!)
  • Integration with your AMS system skips over the quirks of data imports and funnels data such as new customers and demographics back to your AMS
  • Pace reports, financial reports, year-to-year comparisons and customizable surveys give you data for informed decisions and member engagement
  • Versatile badge and ticketing options help you manage check-in as well as access to receptions, banquets, workshops, etc.
  • Multiple badge options can be customized and bar-coded to validate check-ins and check-outs.
  • Individual attendee choices for sessions, networking meetings, special events, etc. can be plugged into a personal itinerary or conference planner
  • Registrants enjoy seamless, secure payment options with real-time credit card processing under your merchant account
  • Invitation emails to past attendees give you another tool to increase attendance
  • Automated allotments for exhibitor personnel put an end to time-consuming requests, emails and phone calls
  • A membership renewal option embedded in the form provides a single, easy path for members to stay current without leaving the registration process
  • Group registrations are no problem, easing the way for badge mailings, group discounts and payment with a single credit card
  • Data entered and collected in the registration module can move seamlessly to eShow modules for exhibitor networking, speaker management or a mobile app
  • eShow professionals support your staff throughout the show cycle

Your registration needs are covered under the eShow umbrella! 
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