AMS & CRM Integration

AMS & CRM Integration

Integrated Solutions, Clean Data with eShow

To add further value to our set of event management tools, eShow also delivers robust AMS integration capabilities. Our partnerships with AMS providers put membership and event information on a two-way street, saving you time and effort in both directions.  

PULL ACCURATE DATA. Skip the headaches of data import/export and instead allow eShow’s registration, exhibitor management, abstract submission, and speaker management modules to securely pull in real-time information.

You use eShow’s user-friendly system to set restrictions, verifications, and pricing levels to fit any membership segment or situation. Then, with integration working invisibly in the background, your users can sign in once and enjoy dynamic forms populated with targeted, up-to-the-minute information.

PUSH ENRICHED DATA BACK. Additionally, demographics, registration, and participation activity gathered throughout the event cycle can be pushed back to your AMS. Within your platform’s allowances, you control the frequency, timing, and levels of the data push. Choose a gradual push or a one-time occurrence – either way, the details you want flow straight back to your AMS.

  • Give attendees a smooth, efficient registration experience with a single sign-on and/or web service pull
  • Build AMS-based user authentication into your forms and our service centers
  • Count on updated information with real-time queries against your API
  • Tailor self-service forms and event details to a registrant’s individual information; for instance, pricing levels will populate correctly based on membership status and/or types pulled from your AMS
  • Prompt those with expired or soon-to-expire memberships to join or renew on the spot 
  • Avoid repeated data handling or manual entry situations that come with data imports
  • Tap into member engagement opportunities by choosing fields such as educational sessions, demographics, sales item data, and payment details to write back to your AMS 
  • Control frequency and timing for pushing data back to your system
eShow Connections
Many of our existing integration relationships are shown below, and the list is always growing. Bottom line: eShow is flexible and ready to make the most of whatever level of integration your AMS system allows. Check with us to explore the possibilities for your provider.

  • Aptify
  • ACGI (Association Anywhere)
  • iMIS (Bridge companies we partner with: ATS and ISG)
  • Abila (NetForum)
  • Personify
  • Active Web company
  • Euclid (Clear Vantage)
  • Impexium
  • Membermax
  • NOAH
  • Sales Force
  • Fonteva: MemberNation
  • YourMembership
  • ProTech
  • Wild Apricot



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