Virtual Event Management (VEM®) Products

Virtual Event Management (VEM™)

Reimagine Your Event, Virtually

eShow's Virtual Event Management (VEM™) platform is designed to focus on the full event experience. 
Chances are you have attended a webinar, taken an online class, either on-demand or live, or you have used a video conference tool to join a meeting. These can all be considered a digital or virtual online experience. However, eShow takes that simple definition and elevates it. We focus on the full event experience; in-person, digital, or hybrid. This means eShow considers every step from registration, to networking, to accessing sessions, and even visiting the expo hall. We understand what it takes to make a great in-person event, take those same aspects, and roll them up into a seamless online event. Download our brochure
To learn more about eShow's VEM™ platform, please watch this
short 5-minute video.

Attendee Registration Made Easy

Begin your event experience will a smooth and easy registration experience. Collect attendee information, offer discounts based on membership types or early bird discounts, allow attendees to pick sessions, and securely process payments.

Empower Exhibitors to Promote Their Products

Give exhibitors the opportunity to engage with attendees and promote their products in one of our highly customizable booths. Exhibitors can customize their space and showcase unique offerings. Attendees can easily navigate through the digital floor that ensures a near-physical exhibition experience.

Provide Sponsorship Value

Sponsors can showcase themselves in high-traffic and high visible areas without impacting attendee experience. Sponsor eBags, choose from different size banners, sponsor sessions and keynotes, and much more.

Visualize Product & Service Options 

Enable potential buyers to learn about products & services via images, videos, and documents using features like:
  • Exhibitor Webcasts
  • Video Chats
  • Brochures
  • Discount coupons
  • Product photos and videos

Allow Attendees to Save Promotion Materials in One Place

Each attendee has access to their own eBag or swag bag where they can “save” and store materials of interest or future use or to purchase at a later date. 

Utilize Webinar Event Management (WEM™) 

eShow’s WEM™ is a customizable online environment for presentations, education, presentations, and more. Benefits of eShow’s WEM™ include:
  • Live sessions, on-demand, simulcast, options
  • Multiple presentation options
  • Interactive polls, chatting, handouts, and Q&A
  • No maximum cap on attendees per webinar 

Amplify Engagement with Chat Tools

Open the gates to two-way communication between attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors through chat and video options for a more engaging interactive experience. Exhibitors and sponsors can further leverage the live chat function to deliver customized product information to attendees.

Enable Session Tracking & Certification Management

Provide the opportunity for attendees to be able to attend sessions and earn continuing education credits. Attendees can then print off certificates for their attendance. 

Easy Online Shopping at the Virtual Store

A virtual store is a great way to convert your physical bookstore or merchandise outlets into a one-stop online shop. Attendees can purchase items right then and there and even utilize eShow’s VEM Wallet® for one-click secure, and quick purchases.

But Wait! There’s So Much More:

  • Real-time Access
  • Reporting
  • Support Training
  • Integration Between Packaged Modules
  • Help Center
  • Integration with client’s AMS, CRM, data systems



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