The Forefront Solution of 2021: Hybrid Events
26 Jan

The Forefront Solution of 2021: Hybrid Events

The pandemic that brought the whole economy in crisis mode may not be completely gone yet but what happens when that inevitable time does? Almost all businesses have been pivoting to virtual solutions to adjust to the “new normal” but how are we going to transition back to the way it was? The answer is… we won’t. It’s not going back to the way it exactly was because of this new, fresh off the boat event model that event managers have been sinking their teeth into the past couple of months — Hybrid Events!

In the events industry, we have been abruptly pulled in by the solutions given by technology — the ever-developing aspect of humanity and with this, event profs and marketing experts have leaned more towards maximizing the use of technology to strategize their next upcoming events. This was initially to practice health and safety protocols to cope with the pandemic. From face-to-face straight to virtual, from shaking hands to clicking the “wave” button on your screen, from onhand brochures to downloadable pdf files. That’s where we’re at right now. That’s how businesses are surviving and adjusting to this new world. But in the event that this whole crazy situation dies down, will everything just simply go back to normal? Well, the best solution is… why not meet halfway?

Hybrid events are the beauty and benefit of both onsite and virtual participation in one conveniently packaged solution. It offers flexibility, efficiency, diversity, and technological growth. A brand that recognizes and applies all these is a brand geared towards development! This is designed to integrate technology with traditional event styles and come up with fresh types of attendee experiences and content delivery mediums. They include any meeting or event with at least one group of face-to-face participants that digitally connects with participants in another or multiple locations that gives exhibitors the possibility to have a global reach — offering unique shared experiences to its stakeholders.

According to Event Manager Blog, 62% of event planners agree that the future of events is in the hybrid model Why? Because this pandemic has forced us to test the waters of virtual meetings and after months of quarantine, it shows that it works! Traditional face-to-face events have proven to be extremely effective throughout time as well so on that note, don’t you think it’s not a bad idea to combine and utilize the benefits of both provenly effective models into your own hybrid event? Gain more network, increase sponsorship value, experience a very flexible and customizable event, and instil a very memorable experience to all of your attendees.

  • Cheaper 
    Reduce expenses by eliminating the ‘need’ for a physical venue and have a meeting virtually. Use that money that you can save for other important expenses of your events. This also goes for attendees who choose not to travel to far places just to participate.
  • Accessible
    Once your event is known to be accessible, there’s no doubt that the return of investment will be huge since you are opening it to more areas that wouldn’t be able to attend because they may be too far from the venue, maybe from another state, or even another country.
  • Unique
    Hybrid events are new and will leave a long-lasting impression on attendees. Its unique design can make your event become more memorable

Technology will never stop growing and moving forward. That’s an undeniable fact and eShow does its best to keep up and provide top-quality event management services to its clients. Once the time for onsite events starts getting more popular, not every business will turn back to normal face-to-face events but not everyone will entirely stay with just a virtual setup. Time to make the best of both worlds! eShow has tied its 24 years of event management experience and developed hybrid solutions modules that fit a wide variety of events: Exhibits, Conferences, Trade Shows, Conventions, and a lot more.

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The year 2020 has opened up plenty of opportunities for us to maximize what technology has to offer and rest assured that it’s going to continue in 2021. We have all gotten a taste of what the beauty of virtual events has in store for us. So, let’s keep up with the trends, adapt to what solution is in front of us, and see that hybrid events really are worth looking into.