Top 9 Reasons Why Event Planners are Choosing to Go Virtual
26 Jan

Top 9 Reasons Why Event Planners are Choosing to Go Virtual

Staying ahead of the events scene has definitely been a challenge when the pandemic hit. Ever since we have all been forced to stay indoors, event profs have been maximizing the use of technology in finding ways to pivot to this “new normal”. In order to overcome these hurdles, event professionals have resorted to one of the best solutions that have presented itself — Virtual Events. This event planning solution has been paving ways for fresh business strategies and is giving supplemental opportunities for all event planners, meeting professionals, and conference-goers.

What are Virtual Events?

Chances are you’ve heard of what virtual events are and how it has made its way into being the right kind of solution for businesses in every industry. It’s cheap, innovative, flexible, and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Virtual events can provide anything an onsite event can except for the face-to-face aspect. You can market the event as you would with normal events, connect with attendees, create memorable experiences, and still make a successful event. It maximizes the use of your home resources such as an internet connection and devices like a desktop computer or your handy mobile phone. Webinars, online classes and workshops, or an online meeting using a third-party video conference tool. These are just a few samples of virtual events and have been executed in different creative manners. What makes virtual events extremely useful? Below are the 9 key benefits that you should know on why you should switch to virtual events:

  1. Safe
    The pandemic is the main reason why virtual events catapulted in popularity and now, health is definitely at the top of priorities. Adhering to the social distancing protocols, what better way to celebrate events than in the safety of your own home?
  2. Cheap and Cost-Efficient
    Save up on event expenses. No expenditures on venues, lessened travel and meal expenses, and reduced staff fees. Budget can be reallocated on other important elements of the event like the virtual platform used to host the event.
  3. Accessible
    Have easier access to platforms and choose from a variety of avenues available: desktop computers, phones, tablets, or laptops.
  4. Global Reach
    An event in the local setting can be transformed into a global event. Attendees can visit even if they’re cities, states, or even countries away.
  5. Return on Investments
    Gain more leads and data while providing networking opportunities for your attendees with the increased reach potential

  1. Measurable
    With the opportunities given by online platforms, collect and measure data easier. Learn about their login time, what webinar they’re interested in, demographics, feedback, and a lot more; convenient and easily-trackable.
  2. Flexible
    Virtual events can be modified in any way you want it to. Schedule, structure, broadcast platform. Whatever type of event you choose, you can modify them to become more interactive, offer different language options, and much more.
  3. Content Delivery
    Webinar sessions, discussions, interviews, and speaker talks can be delivered to your attendees with the option of having to view them later thanks to on-demand sessions. Recorded sessions can be viewed again later if not given the chance to attend them live.

  1. Sponsorship Value
    Offer sponsors an array of advantages and deals you can provide digitally. Digital platforms have unique ways to provide exposure and advertisement such as sponsored banners, push notifications, online commercials and ads, sponsored webinar sessions, and a lot more sponsor packages.
The virtual event solution has recently become a staple event model for event managers and entrepreneurs; adjusting to the drastic changes the economy is facing while still gaining profit and networking benefits. With the right kind of help and management, planning a memorable virtual event would be fun and easy. Enjoy the diverse options of going digital for a conference, exhibit, meeting, convention, or even an online class with eShow's Virtual Event Management platform! 
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