Virtual Event Management (VEM) Products

Virtual Event Management (VEM®) Products

Focusing on the Full Event Experience

Chances are you have attended a webinar, taken an online clasVirtual Event Images, either on-demand or live, or you have used a video conference tool to join a meeting. These can all be considered a virtual online experience. However, eShow takes that simple definition and elevates it. We focus on the full event experience. This means eShow consider every step from registration, to networking, to accessing sessions, and
even visiting the expo hall. We understand what it takes to make a great
in-person event, take those same aspects, and roll them up into a seamless online event. 

How do we do this? First, eShow uses many of its current products, including Registration Management, Speaker and Session Management,
Networking & Appointment Management to connect to the three new virtual products we have created.
Combined our clients can provide a truly holistic virtual experience for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

The best part is these products can be used to also create a hybrid experience. Meaning if you’re looking to combine both your in-person, brick and mortar event with virtual, online components we have you covered! However, you define “in-person” we have a solution for you.
 eShow provides three virtual module options for clients. They are:
Like other eShow products, these modules can be scaled to meet a client’s specific event needs. They can be used together or separately and as mentioned can be combined with other eShow web-based tools.