Webinar Event Management (VEM®)

Webinar Event Management (WEM™)

Bring Education, Sessions, and Networking Alive Virtual

With eShow’s \Webinar Event Management (WEM™) module clients can bring their traditional in-person education, presentations, networking, meetings, and more into a highly customizable online environment. You won’t lose the power and connection of your typical in-person, brick and mortar event because speakers and panelists can share engaging content with your audience while simultaneously chatting, answering questions, or providing interactive polls to interact and exchange ideas and opinions.

  • The ability to present live or on-demand sessions or a combination of both
  • Organizer or host controls event progress
  • Registration for attendees to sign up, select, and pay for sessions
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Integration with other eShow event management solutions
  • Full event information
  • Additional analytics and audience list for follow up
  • Multiple presentation options 
  • Unlimited session webinars
  • Video chats
  • Exhibitor webcasts
  • No maximum cap of attendees per webinar session 
  • Interactive polls, handouts, and Q&A
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