Virtual Event Management

Virtual Meeting Management

Focusing on the Full Event Experience

Because of the growing concerns over COVID-19, many industry events are being canceled at a rapid pace. It is fast becoming a logistical nightmare for event planners as well as lost revenue and lost opportunities. eShow has committed to helping our clients as we move through uncharted territory.  This is why eShow has created the Virtual Event Management module.

Banquet Management
eShow’s Virtual Event Management module functions just as a traditional offline event would by translating exhibit halls, booths, presentations, networking, and more into a highly customizable virtual environment. What does this mean for you? It means you can take your traditional, location-based conference, membership meeting, industry event, etc. and go virtual. This also means there are no hotel or location costs, no travel costs for employees and your attendees can attend from the comfort of their home or office.

The Virtual Event Management module can be customized to fit your specific
event specifications. 

Virtual Meeting Management module features:

  • The ability for live or on-demand sessions or a combination of both
  • Registration for attendees to sign up, select, and pay for sessions
  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Integration with other eShow event management solutions
  • Full event information
  • Additional analytics
  • Multiple presentation options 
  • Unlimited session webinars
  • Maximum attendee per webinar session is 1,000
  • Interactive with chats, polls, handouts, and Q&A

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